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soshi20in20's Journal

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Things you need to Know!


. You must be a member of the community.
. You must choose one SNSD member or couple to make 20 icons with.
. The same dorama cannot be chosen more than once each round.
. You cannot choose the same member/couple twice in a row.
. You can only sign up with one dorama/character/ship per round.
. Every icon must be specifically made for the round.
. Animation is allowed. All the icons must meet LJ standards.
. First come first serve. First one to pick the member/couple gets to icon it for that round.
. Please post 3-4 teaser icons. The entries must be public.
. When sign ups are closed, those who are listed will be given posting access.
. You are given 20 days to post the icons. Please, post all the icons in one go.


THEMES.- You will have themes, to do icons for. The themes will be decided by me, some themes may be the same for each round some not.
CATEGORY.- Each round you will be given a category. You have to make 5 icons that fit the category.
ARTIST CHOICE.- as the name says, 5 icons of your theme of choice.


. Themes, category and artist’s choice will have their own voting posts.
. Please, vote without bias. Don’t vote for yourself or get people to vote for you.
. Please, keep your icons under PG-13.
. Have fun :)
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